Are you a highly motivated person who finds herself slowed down by self limiting beliefs, fears or anxieties?  Even when you recognize the negative belief that’s creating an obstacle to your success, and you try to change it, it is hard to shake! Maybe for you the limiting beliefs impact your career success, or maybe they interfere with your health and nutrition habits, or even impact your relationships. 

Do you catch yourself saying things to yourself like “I can’t….”, or “I’m not good at…..”  Our negative self talk impacts our performance and creates self fulfilling prophecies.  Inadvertently, we live up (or down) to those underlying self-messages.  

EMDR therapy can be a powerful tool to process through and resolve self-limiting beliefs from the inside out.  Working on self talk is important, but it only takes us to a certain point.  

The EMDR therapy can actually change the way you feel about yourself - which is often the missing ingredient to accomplishing desired change.  I have worked with thousands of women over my years of experience (since 2003)  using EMDR therapy for a myriad of issues.  I’ve witnessed amazing outcomes in women as they are finally able to push through old barriers and find new empowerment and freedom in their lives.

I have training in research based therapies that actually help you reprocess negative thoughts and painful memories and help you learn new ways of thinking and behaving. These methods can have profound impacts on helping you to significantly improve your life. I have worked with thousands of clients over the years on issues like this. I've been privileged to witness transformation and healing in many, many people. Are you looking for support? Ready to make changes? You don't need to do this alone. I am here to help.

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What does and EMDR session look like? See what does an EMDR session look like? Check out this brief video and call Kay to get more information!


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