Online Counseling

COVID-19 and 5 Reasons Why to pursue Online Counseling Services

Have you ever thought about seeing your counselor online?  There are so many reasons to consider online services….things like convenience in that you don’t have to deal with traffic - which saves your time and energy.  Utilizing online services is also better for the overall carbon footprint.

And like traditional in-office counseling, your privacy will be protected by me and offered via a convenient HIPAA compliant platform.  But, the most important reason for online counseling services is - it works!

Now, with the concerns about spreading COVID-19 and public health, the online counseling sessions make more sense than ever.  I don’t know about you, but I find that to don my mask, hand sanitizer, and perhaps gloves, is a stressful way to begin any outing.

I have to admit that originally, the idea of working with a client remotely was foreign to me.  I couldn’t fully imagine how it might feel - would the interpersonal ‘connection’ that puts the magic in therapy and that happens in office really be there?  Would we really be successful in focusing on the clients concerns and work together to help the client move forward?  Despite these concerns - In light of the virus- I made a quick decision in the interest of public health to immediately offer all services remotely.

The first time I held an online session with a client resolved those “connection’ concerns for me!  I was delighted to find that online therapy not only ‘felt’ like a real connection between us, but both the client and I felt great about the outcome!

She loved the convenience of being able to fit the therapy into her busy schedule of shuffling her children to their destinations, and she did not feel so rushed trying to get to and from my office. Like therapy in my office, we were able to discuss her life concerns, establish next steps for her to keep moving forward in her life, and to identify her resources to utilize. In her experience, she said she hopes that I will always offer remote counseling - even after the virus is over.   We ended the session with some action items in her hand to focus on through the next week.

Very quickly after the COVID-19 crisis began, insurance companies also got ‘on board’.  The Governor in WA signed an executive order requiring all insurance to provide payment parity for telehealth counseling services as in person visits.  In other words, insurance companies are paying regular benefits for telelhealth as when you saw a therapist in office.   Some insurances have even deleted your copay at this time of crisis.

NOW!  Is the time to call and schedule your telecounseling session., and protect your physical health at the same time.   Your support has never been easier to access than it is today!

And the need has never been greater! You are not alone in finding yourself feel restless, irritable, sad, and generally ‘out of sorts’ as the virus and time at home continue.   There is a collective grief across the land as we find ourselves scurrying to adapt to our ‘new normal’ and the many losses and frustrations associated with this.

Call Kay today and see how easy it can be! I will walk you through the logistics of telehealth, and, together, we can do this!


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