A Silver Lining to Covid

A Silver Lining to Covid!

If you are like many people, Covid 19 and social distancing made for a long and challenging winter!

Thankfully, it is now Spring, vaccines are available, and our world is opening back up! We did a lot of adapting over the last year, and now we find ourselves adapting again.

Very early on in Covid, many of us transitioned our work to our home computers.

I had concerns in my transition to seeing clients online because I was unsure how I could feel ‘connected’ with my clients while working online. But to my surprise, it worked amazingly well!

I’ve been especially pleased to find that EMDR therapy is every bit as powerful and effective for clients online as when it was offered in my office. I continue to use EMDR therapy to work successfully with women on issues such as self-confidence, self-worth, anxiety, self limiting beliefs, and panic attacks.

Most of my clients have found telehealth to be a preferred way to engage in their therapy. It makes scheduling easier due to the time it saves and no one misses the drive in traffic!

I’ve done telehealth sessions with clients who were in their homes, in their work offices, in their backyard, or in their cars. Teachers no longer have to scurry out of the school for their therapy appointments, but instead meet with me from their own classroom after students have left.

Like me, most of my clients want to continue to work together using an online platform.

I must admit that I don’t believe I would have jumped into offering telehealth had it not been for Covid. This is because connecting with my clients is of the utmost importance to me and I didn’t believe this could fully happen online. I was so wrong!

The connection is every bit as felt by both myself and my client.

At the same time, some of my newer clients have shared with me that they feel more comfortable with the computer between us than they would have in my office. Others say they would not have even pursued therapy in office.

Now, I also find myself ‘seeing’ clients who live in distant parts of WA state - something that never would have happened when they needed to drive to therapy.

Truly, the convenience of online therapy makes therapy more accessible and convenient than ever before!

You’ve been through a long season of Covid. As our world is transitioning again - and so are you- this is an ideal time to get into therapy and figure out your own next steps to keep moving forward with your life!

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