Fall is such a wonderful time of year. The sights, the smells, the traditions, and the memories all with a touch of pumpkin spice adds to the annual charm of  autumn.  Colors change, leaves fall, and fireplaces bring warmth and light as the  amount of  daylight wanes more every day. But, as much as you love this season, you can’t get  past what happened. That event has completely robbed you of the joy this season  used to bring. The more you think about it, the angrier you become. Some of the  friends you confided in said, ‘Give it time.’ Time has not brought healing for you. If  anything, the resentment has become more intense.

You know you haven’t been yourself. Cynical. Angry. Depressed. You never thought that these would be the words to describe your outlook on life. But, that’s how you feel and you don’t know how to break free from the darkness of this life spiral. Although you went through this war quite some time ago, the battle wages on in your spirit every day. You are looking for relief; a break-though. Hope.

You feel so isolated, alone, and defeated. You can’t even begin to know how to find the pathway back to the ‘you’ that you once knew; optimistic, joyful, and encouraging.

Is it even possible?

Yes. And, no.

Is breakthrough possible for you? YES. Will you be back to the person you used to be? Not necessarily – because your life circumstance has knocked you off course. That experience has had a marked impact on who you are right now. But that event does not have to define who you are becoming each day.

A quote from Mary Shelley is very powerful at moments like this. ‘The beginning is always today.’

At Sunrise Center for Wellness, we specialize in EMDR Therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of treatment that can break down the walls erected by that past traumatic experience. This type of therapy helps address events that have become too hard or too painful for you to navigate and overcome on your own.

Certain sights, smells, or situations may be a dreadful reminder. EMDR therapy can help you break free from these triggers along with the painful effect they once had on you. You have carried this burden long enough. Contact me and we can discuss the process in greater detail over the phone.

Thousands of people are amazed at the powerful experience and growth that EMDR has provided them. You deserve that type of freedom. I’d like to help you get there.

Imagine being able to enjoy autumn once again; the changing colors of the leaves, the smell of a fire roaring in the fireplace and the warm glowing light that it provides. Free from the past with a hopeful outlook toward the future. Close your eyes and picture it: Sitting in the front room, enjoying the beginning that each new day brings. Drinking in all the beauty of autumn and smiling as you celebrate each new memory.

With a touch of pumpkin spice.