Check out my ‘Super Fridge’!


Check out my ‘Super Fridge’!


For a fresh start to the new year I cleaned, purged and restocked my fridge with nutritious options! (Actually, you’re getting a peek at it after I’ve been enjoying eating it’s healthy contents for several days! ) It’s been very easy to ‘eat my colors’ this way!

For many, like me, the new year is a time to reflect on where you are in your life and to think forward as to where you’d like yourself to be in the future.

For me, one area of my life I want to address relates to physical health. I recently had an annual physical exam with lab work done. I must confess, I wasn’t thrilled with all of my lab results!

I like to think of myself as someone who practices a healthy lifestyle. I try to eat a nutritious diet and I exercise on a regular basis. Yet my lab results tell me that I still have room for improvement!

Inspired by BJ Fogg, author of “Tiny Habits”, I decided to create a ‘super fridge’ - stocked with produce that’s prepped and ready to easily grab out of clear containers. I must say, I’m loving my super fridge! It was a small change that I made to my environment and it led to significant changes in my behaviors!

The best part about my taking this small step towards improving my health is that it has empowered me to know that I can take a next step…and a next.

Much like our physical health, our mental health can also benefit from our attention. Improvement in any area of your life - be it depression, anxiety, relationships, mood, physical or spiritual health - can benefit from intentional focus. Healthy changes are all accomplished just one small step at a time.

What comes to mind for you?

Have you been trying to ignore that gnawing sense of fear, irritability, and that anxious feeling in your chest? Do you wonder what your life would feel like if you could truly get a handle on the anxiety and depression that shadow you?

Life is good and you are thankful for so many things! You don’t want to complain. And yet, the anxiety and depression hover!

Maybe it’s time to do some purging and revamping to optimize your emotional well being. Big shifts and new outcomes can be achieved as you begin with small, manageable steps. But, what are those steps? It can be hard to know the way out of the forest when all you see are the tall trees!

Together, let’s take the time to talk about where you are at right now, and where you want your life to be. Let’s identify the obstacles. And, together, let’s explore and create some small do-able steps for you. Small steps can lead to big changes!

Therapy can help to shine a light where you lack the perspective to see clearly ahead. Talking with a professional therapist can help you to problem solve as well as learn new ways of being and new ways of thinking. Therapy may help you identify environmental tweaks you can make that will have significant, positive impact. Therapy can also help you identify ways to change your internal dialogue to help you thrive!

To borrow from the wisdom of a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous, ‘if nothing changes, nothing changes’.

But you are reading this today because you are seeking change. There is no need to sit in complacency and let nothing change.

It’s time to kick that depression and anxiety to the curb! It’s time to make those changes that most impact the quality of your life!

Give me a call today and let’s work together on a plan to help you make this the best year it can possibly be for you! Let’s make it a Happy New Year!