Is Online Tele Health Counseling For You

Is Online Telehealth Counseling For You?
3 Reasons to check out Virtual Online Counseling!

What comes up for you when you think about meeting with your therapist online?

I have to admit, I used to be skeptical about the idea of offering online counseling!  Recently, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I realized that to be protective of everyone’s health, I needed to re-evaluate virtual counseling.

So I offered my first online session last week and I have to admit - I was amazed at how well it went!  It felt so relaxed and comfortable!  I was pleasantly surprised at how ‘connected’ we could feel online.  I loved it!  I’m hooked now and looking forward to this new way of counseling!

The client agreed that it was a ‘win’ for her also.  She said that it worked much better for her schedule to eliminate the drive time as well.

Maybe you’re wondering - how does a person do online counseling?  Good question!  Your online visit will be similar to a Skype visit you may have had with family or friends. At the time of your appointment, I will email you a link.  You will click and accept the link and we will both appear on our screens.

I am mindful of privacy and confidentiality and I use a HIPAA compliant platform that works very well!

Here are 3 great reasons to try Virtual Counseling:

1.  It’s Easy!
If you have an email that you can open, you have all the technological skills you need to do it with ease!  If you don’t have an email - or this feels out of your comfort zone - phone visits are always an option as well.

2.  It’s Convenient!
What location is best for you?  In the car on a lunch break?  On your sofa in the evening after the kids are asleep?  You pick what works for you!

3.  It’s Time efficient!

Who wants to sit in traffic?  One of the perks of online Virtual Counseling is is that there is no traffic or travel time needed!  Where I live, the traffic can be burdensome.  It’s not uncommon for a short commute to unexpectedly turn into a long commute.

There is no need to find yourself already feeling stressed from traffic by the time you arrive at your counseling appointment.

Out of town for work?  No problem - your support is a click away! Everyone’s lives are busy.  The ease of accessing counseling from your home can help alleviate that ‘rushing about’ to get it all done.

Give a call, an email or a text and ask me any questions you have about online services. Learn how this can help make your life less stressful!