The Longest Day

You’ve been patient. Some might say you are down-right antsy, but who can blame you. This
has been worth the wait. The month of June not only marks the season of graduations,
Father’s Day celebrations, and the endless wave of weddings every weekend; it provides you
with one of the most cherished days of the year for someone dealing with depression: The
Summer Solstice.

This is one of nature’s depression-busters: SUNSHINE. The Northern Hemisphere is bathed in
daylight on this day. Here in the Pacific Northwest there is over seven extra hours of daylight.
The decisions you made over the winter to exercise regularly, eat healthier, and connect with
other amazing women are really beginning to pay dividends for you right now. You look great.
You feel better than you have in years. Now you’re wondering, ‘What’s next?’

Glad you asked.

The interesting thing about the Summer Solstice is it also happens to be the Winter Solstice
for the Southern Hemisphere. That’s right. While you are enjoying an extended season of
daylight others are stuck in one of the longest periods of darkness they will experience this
year. Reflect on that for a moment.
Remember where you were six months ago? How lost, lonely, and isolated you felt. Then,
think back to how difficult it was to accept the invitation to come and meet some new people
at a life group gathering at Sunrise Center for Wellness. Even though connection was
something you knew was important, you still felt uncomfortable about the whole thing and
almost didn’t go.

Glad you did.

That was the first step that put you on the path to where you are today. As you contemplate
the, ‘What’s next?’ question, tap into another one of nature’s depression-busters: SERVICE. 
The next step is to begin reaching out with a heart to serve others. Author Gillian Duce has a
wonderful quote about service. ‘You can’t always save someone by getting in the water with
them. Sometimes, you must lead by example and show them how to get in to the boat. ‘

That is exactly what someone else did for you. Your friend saw some of the tell-tale indicators
that you were slipping deeper into your depression. They took action to help you break
through the darkness and led you to the ‘boat’ with a simple, heart-felt invitation.

By virtue of your own experiences, you are familiar with the warning signs. Keep an eye out
for them in the lives of people in your circle of influence. You might not know whether or not
they have recently gone through relational or emotional trauma; if they need counseling, or
would benefit from EMDR Therapy. That’s okay. That’s why I’m here.

But, you can see if they are beginning to withdraw and isolate themselves. You know how the
pressures and stress of life can be overwhelming and how insurmountable the obstacles seem
when you attempt to navigate them alone.

One way to serve them is to reach out and invite them to one of our life groups. We have new
groups starting all the time. You already know the benefits of connecting with other women
in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment. It’s a healthy place to learn, share, and
grow. All you need to do is ask them to join you. We’ll take care of the rest.

Remember, while you are enjoying the longest ‘day’ of the year, someone close to you just
may be entering the longest ‘night’ of theirs. Welcome them into the northern hemisphere
and be willing to share the special gift that you are enjoying in abundance right now.

The Summer Solstice.