One Easy Way To Build Self Confidence


Self confidence - -what would life look like if you had more of it?  Would it change your behaviors?  Or just your feelings about those behaviors?  How would it impact your relationships with others?

People with more self confidence are more likely to take risks and to challenge themselves.  They tend to have healthier relationships They are more emotionally resilient.  There are some good reasons to build your self confidence!

There are various options that can be used in therapy to help improve self confidence.  One of those is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.

EMDR is a therapy best known for treatment of trauma.  And, indeed, it is amazing for resolving trauma!

But, did you know EMDR can also be used to improve your self-confidence

Some people wonder what an EMDR session geared towards addressing self confidence would look like.  Let me give you a brief description.  In my office, I would first have you identify a memory or an image that captures you sense of low regard for self. 

Then, I would use one of two modalities that create bilateral brain stimulation to enable your brain to more rapidly process.   This may sound intimidating but it’s truly not!  You would have options- a headset with nature sounds that is designed for EMDR therapy.  The sounds go back and forth from one ear to the other.  Most people find this music deeply relaxing and pleasant.

Alternatively, you would use ‘tappers’ to hold in your hands.  Again, the tappers create bilateral taps - first in one hand and then the other. 

This bilateral stimulation will continue as your brain reprocesses the negative image and emotions.  I will guide you through what to think about and notice to best facilitate this process. 

What outcome could you expect from a session such as this?  Many people find that they feel better about themselves very quickly- even by the end of the first session in some cases.  They find that feel better about themselves - particularly as it relates to situations such as the one they envisioned in the EMDR. 

How many sessions are needed for each individual varies with personal history, readiness for change, and your own brain chemistry. 

There are many life learning experiences a person can have that attacks self-esteem and confidence.  And in some cases, genetics also play a role in hard-wiring a person towards anxiety and a low level of confidence. 

Whatever your story may be, you can be pro-active in boosting your confidence level!

Call Kay today and let’s create a plan customized for you!  Let’s talk about what your needs are and find out if EMDR may be one easy way to build your self confidence!