Women Living Boldly

Empowerment!   An awesome word that inspires strength, hope and energy!
That’s what the Women Living Boldly series is about!  It’s a positive focus in a safe environment where women can share and become vulnerable as trust is built. 
Strategies for managing moods, and building self esteem are discussed, encouraged, and role modeled.  Like the dandelion that springs back up after being stepped on, these groups are designed to help you build your sense of resiliency.
As a participant said “I feel better when I leave”.  Women are challenged to implement new skills during the week.  As we gather together again the following week, opportunity is given to check in on how the implementation went for you that week.  Women build up and encourage each other in both their successes and their growth challenges.
That goal -  of women encouraging women - is something I am passionate about promoting.   As the Bible verse says “Two are better than one…..if either one of them falls down one can help the other up”.
Every woman is priceless, valuable beyond measure, and deserves to feel good about herself! Yet, in a culture of comparison, commercialism, and distorted values, women are vulnerable to absorb negative messages about themselves. 
I believe that we, as women, need to push back against the shallow messages of our culture.  To remind ourselves and each other that we are worth so much more than what brand of purse we carry, or how we look, or how successful our children are.  Beauty and worth run so much deeper than that!
Topics covered include subjects like dealing with change, how to practice acceptance, courage, living by your values, and gratitude, to name a few.    Focusing on these positives can feel like a breath of fresh air - a cheerful change from the stressors and negativity in much of the world.  
Oftentimes, in this context, friendships are built.  I like the words of Robert Louis Stevenson; “A friend is gift you give yourself”
My deep desire is that you find a place of safety in the group to grow and to be inspired to truly live your life to its fullest.  Call, text, email to day to find out about upcoming groups!